The Backwater Bastards

Fanart of our real-play DnD podcast: The Backwater Bastards. I wanted to learn zbrush, so i did sculpts loosely based on Even's sketches of our party.

You can check out the podcast here!

Baron DeBauch: Royal drunk - Daniel Matthews
Blaznak: Dragon Slayer & Champion of Hogswater - Even Mehl Amundsen
Haex Masath: Outlaw mage and green to boot - Taylor van Biljon
Cedric The Clerical Clerk: number cruncher, body hacker - Devin Platts
And Polling this mess from one bad spot to another, Dungeon MasterDick - Richard Kimber-Bell

Devin platts backwater bastards

The Backwater Bastards!

Devin platts baron render

Is he Drunkenly Brave or was it Bravenly Drunk? He's too charismatic to notice the details, unless it's a door. He ...adores them

Devin platts blaznak render

The greatest hero the world of Rhalloran has ever known. Swineherd turned Dragonslayer, our incorrigible hammer-loving Blaznak!

Devin platts bastards renders

Coward, Blaznak's companion pet.

Devin platts cedric render

A devout Cleric that worships the unnammed Golden god, Cedric joins the party as the personal accountant of Baron DeBauch. With a penchant for dismembering that which annoys him, the only thing he likes more than gold is...more gold.

Devin platts haex renders

Haex Masath! A lustful half-Orc pirate with a Draconic bloodline. As she was escaping arrest in the royal palace, she stumbled into our party has joined us in drunken debauchery.

Devin platts talmoriss render

The Baron's head servant, met while on a quest that may destroy his mind beyond repair.

Devin platts barkeep render

The best Barkeep in the best tavern in all of Rhalloran. We fondly call him "Barkeep"