Adventures of Mailgoat: Week 4

An on-going series of daily sketches I'm making for someone who is a really positive influence on me.

Devin platts gunslingergoat

Dust and heat won't stop him.

Devin platts miners

Lunch Delivery! I bet it's a bunch of tasty grubs.

Devin platts handcarbat

From a long dark tunnel, they heard a familiar whistling sound.

Devin platts meditate

Meditation is key to inner peace. So is a letter finally delivered~

Devin platts fevergoat

Seems all that adventuring underground gave mailgoat a fever.

Devin platts fireside

No better way to rest up than with a good book and some tea~

Devin platts hippo taxi

Back in action, and helping some lovely birds take the hippo ferry across the river.