Adventures of Mailgoat 20

Week 20 of daily sketches that I'm making for someone who continues to be an extremely positive influence on me.

Devin platts nessie

The true recipient of the black letter has been found~

Devin platts nessie2

A magic radiates from the letter upon delivery

Devin platts goaticorn

This is no normal letter delivery. Are the legends true?
A Mailgoaticorn?

Devin platts mailgoaticorn portal

Heading through the portal, what quest has been taken up?

Devin platts mailgoaticorn portal2

Exiting into a distant land, Mailgoaticorn's quest has just begun.

Devin platts jaquelope

Hesitantly Jackalope agrees to aid Mailgoaticorn, fully knowing what is at stake.

Devin platts jaquelope mail

A Jackalopicorn!! But for what purpose?